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goma de tara
Rubber Tare
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Powder Tare

Tare also known as "Taya" a plant originally from Peru, used since the pre-hispanic period in folkloric or popular medicine and in recent years. As raw material in the worlds market of food hydrocolloids with a scientific name CAESALPINIA SPINOSA or CAESALPINIA TINCTORIA. It's botanical characteristics are as follows: It's a small tree when it's first growing measuring two or three meters in height, but it can grow to measure up to 12 m at it's adult life with a short cylindical shaft and sometimes tortuous and it's trunk is supplied with a grey thorny bark with dense branches in many cases the branches start from the base of the tree giving an impression of superficial stems. The top of the tare tree is irregulary shaped and not so dense with ascending branches. Its leaves are feather like, sparing, egg shaped (ovoid), spiny with a slightly shiny green dark color which measure 15 cm in length. Its flowers are reddish yellow reluctant on branches of 8cm to 15cm in length. Its fruit are flat pods and indehiscent of an orange color of 8cm to 10cm in length and approximately 2cm in width. That have from 4 to 7 round seed grains of 0.6cm to 0.7cm in diameter they are blackish dull brown when are ripe

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